Recently in Making Things – May & June 2019

three glass beads on steel mandrels

I’ve made quite a few things in the past month or so. Here are some highlights.

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New Design: Lavender Needle Book I designed the embroidery for this item. The book is a typical style of needle keeper. I have made two in solid green and purple polyester threads, and two in variegated green and purple rayon threads. Construction after embroidery is as follows: 1. Remove stabilizer and trim to about 1" from the stitched border 2. Place over a piece of sturdy fabric (I used felt but canvas or woolen wool cloth will also work) and stitch together, following the border and spine stitch lines. Trim edge (pink it if you can) to 1/4" of stitched border. Optional: stitch 1/8" around the motif and add quilting to your taste. A folded length of narrow ribbon can be inserted between the two layers (back cover edge) before stitching if you want a closure. 3. Cut 2 pieces of felt that are about 1/4" shorter than the cover on all edges – or about the same size as the cover's border when laid flat. 4. If you want to add a pocket or pin bar to any of the pages, do that now. 5. Stack the pages and cover the way you want them, pin in place, and stitch them together following the spine stitching line on the cover. 6. If you stitched a ribbon loop in the back cover in step 2, fit and sew a button along the edge of the front cover Patrons were able to see this yesterday and $5 patrons have access to the digital files associated with this project, which includes SVG, PNG (including a printable suitable for transfer to fabric for hand embroidery or painting) and the embroidery file for a 2.5" x 3" book.

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