This is where I play around with websites, web servers, and web development. Sometimes I break things. If you want something to be permanent, I suggest you save a copy at The Internet Archive.

Most Recent Posts:

  • Inventory, Even in the Woods
    When you need a better way to manage a movable property inventory but you have a budget of $0, you build a custom app in your spare time, right?
  • DIY-ing My Way to Better Ventilation
    Cordelya writes about the process of developing her own flavor of CO2 monitor using a Raspberry Pi computer and a CO2 sensor.
  • 10 Micro-electronics Projects that Aren’t Robotics
    If you or your kid can’t muster up excitement about robotics, go take a peek at these 10 projects. I’ve included a variety of different projects that do different things, run on different platforms, require different knowledge levels, and have different price points. Some of them also include the opportunity to learn about enclosure fabrication.
  • Indoor COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for Fall 2021
    When you can’t avoid well-attended indoor events, there are things you can do to to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • How to: Anki SRS + Learning Shorthand from a Manual = Magic
    I’ve wanted to learn shorthand for a long time. Here’s how I’m finally making that happen, using Anki and a shorthand manual that dates to 1955.